Targeting Debilitating and Life Threatening Inflammation


Hillhurst has developed products based on a novel technology targeting a protective cellular metabolic pathway (heme oxygenase) thought to limit inflammatory processes, prevent cell death and, in sickle cell disease, block the polymerization of hemoglobin that is the primary cause of complications.


HBI-002 is an oral dosage form, enabling acute and chronic use in and outside of the hospital setting for patients suffering from conditions associated with inflammation and cell death, such as cerebral injury, sickle cell disease, organ failure after transplantation and others.


HBI-137 is an intravenous dosage form designed for when oral administration is not practical, including in the emergency room setting and in intensive care units.


Hillhurst is developing a number of additional, early stage products based on its core technology and understanding of the protective heme oxygenase enzyme that generates carbon monoxide throughout the body.

source: US Government

Built on decades of prior research, Hillhurst is dedicated to moving its technology into the clinic.

Cerebral Injury

Studying HBI-002’s ability to benefit patients suffering from both neuroinflammation and neuronal cell death that can result from cerebral injury.

Sickle Cell Disease

Studying HBI-002’s ability to reduce inflammation and cell death as well as block the polymerization of hemoglobin to benefit sickle cell disease patients.

Kidney Transplant

Studying HBI-002’s ability to benefit patients suffering from delayed graft function after kidney transplantation.