Product Platform Overview

Our product platform is based on utilizing a gasotransmitter to up-regulate the heme-oxygenase enzyme for therapeutic purposes.  The heme oxygenase enzymes and their metabolites have been shown to exhibit therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic properties in neural injury including cerebral injury, sickle cell disease and kidney transplant, as well as anti-sickling properties specific to sickle cell disease.  Hillhurst has developed the ability to formulate its lead drug product for both oral and intravenous dosing, overcoming a key barrier that has prevented the development of this gasotransmitter for therapeutic use.


We produce HBI-002 to enable oral dosing of sufficient drug product at levels that are anticipated to produce a therapeutic effect through the heme oxygenase metabolic pathway.


HBI-137 provides intravenous dosing of the gasotransmitter and is proposed for the treatment of patients where oral dosing is either not practical or sub-optimal due to the patient’s condition. 


A number of additional products are in the early stages of development.


Targeting Debilitating and Life Threatening Inflammation